2014 Spring Concert Video and Photos

Favorite Memories 35 Years of Singing – DCA Performance

Favorite Memories 35 years of Singing 2014

Spring Concert Photos 2014

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Barb and Jim Barb and Spencer Challoner and Gloria Coggin, Don, Roy, Joyce Coral Geranium Dee Dee Duryea, Ryan, Patrice Esther and son First Song 5.10.14 Floral Arrangement from Maas Fran Gladys Austgen Glen Begrow Greg and Marilyn Hallelujah Chorus 5.10.14 Hallelujah Chorus at DCA 5.11.14 Heather, Martha, Justin Jan Evers Janet Anderson 5.10.14 Janet Jim and wife Joel and Marian Blahnik Joyce and Terri Judy Paulson 5-10-14 Justin and Martha Katie and Dave Kerry and wife Lucy and Karl Lucy Marc and Melissa Marian and Rod Martha Ranek 5.10.14 Mary and Sharon Merle and Kathy Merle's Introduction Mick and Kathy New Day Singers at DCA 5.11.14 New Day Singers2.5.10.14 Patrice at DCA 5.11.14 Patrice Champeau Paul Klapatch 5.10.14 Paul Kok Paul, Jeanne, and Jane Roger Crass Sharon, John, Pat, Greg, Marilyn Soon Ah Will Be Done 5.10.14 Sue Hepp 5.10.14 Tim and Barb Tim Graul 5.10.14 TPS 5-10-14 TPS at DCA 5.11.14 TPS Eyes Up 5.10.14 Ushers Bob and Jim Val and Gladys Waltzes 5.10.14